Chatbot Use Cases


A chatbot can be used to answer Frequently Asked Questions commonly located on company websites. In addition, there may be many other top questions as reported by the call center team. An important difference between today’s FAQ’s found on websites and Chatbots is that a chat bot can answer an unlimited number of questions whereas FAQ’s found on a website might be limited to only a few or are located in several different areas of the website depending upon the nature of the question. There is no single point to ask the question.


Chatbots can be linked to rate sheets in order to deliver rate information to customers

Knowledge Base

All products and services can be added to the Chatbot knowledge base and can answer questions seamlessly.


Many financial institutions have financial calculators that could be presented through a conversational mode with a chatbot. For example, a customer may ask, what will be my payment for a new car loan? The chatbot would respond with several questions then render the results.

Process Guidance

Chatbots are very good at describing business processes to customers such as how to open a new account or how to file a claim