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The present implementation of chatbots in service industries offers a huge opportunity to enhance customer support and brand image. But, in order to get started, a business must take measured steps when venturing into new technology. At Rethink Process, we believe that businesses should use a phased-approach with any new technology. In other words, get started today with entry-level strategies while at the same time, planning for an expanded use of Chatbot/IA technology. This method of strategic technology planning will have several benefits including getting all stakeholders on the same page within the organization, minimizing risk, ability to make incremental investments in technology and allowing time to measure customer satisfaction.

Chatbot/AI technology is becoming widely available. You will have to decide if you want to build it yourself based upon your level of expertise and resources available or hire a trusted partner. At Rethink Process, we believe what’s needed is a trusted partner who knows your business to assist with building the content for chatbot development, the experience to develop a longer-term roadmap for Chatbot/AI development and expansion and a powerful yet affordable software AI solution. That’s exactly what you will get with Rethink Process as your trusted partner.

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