Procurement – Source to Pay

A leading procurement function drives value to the Business:

  • Value Identified through category management, taking advantage of multiple value levers, from competitive bidding, to demand management, and process optimization
  • Value Generated in the strategic sourcing process through cost savings, risk management, revenue enhancement, service, and innovation
  • Value Delivered to the bottom-line through transactional procurement by providing the engine that maximizes visibility and drives compliance to a preferred supplier contract
  • Value Sustained through the supplier management process
  • Value Enhanced and protected through advanced data & analytics, technology enablement, risk management, tax strategies, and talent management

If you decide to work with our company, Rethink Process will deliver Subject Matter Professional (SMP) input and guidance to highlight strengths and weaknesses for potential process, organization, governance and technology improvements.

With Rethink Process Consulting’s expertise, clients are positioned to:

  • Improve its service delivery and measurement of value contribution for the components of the Source to Pay (STP) processes and related interfaces with the internal business partners, functions and key stakeholders.
  • Identify current STP process workflows and sub-optimized downstream activities that lead to inefficiencies in processing, lack of control over purchases, and ineffective contract compliance.
  • Deliver STP process improvement recommendations to achieve top-quartile efficiency and performance levels to maximize procurement value delivered.
  • Provide a business case to demonstrate that benefits will exponentially outweigh associated costs, thus making the implementation of improvement recommendations an attractive return on investment.

Contact us to learn how we can tailor a phased-approach to optimizing your business process and start deriving value as soon as possible.

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